Successful business under the auspices of a famous brand

PLC Group

A franchise project from PLC Group is an opportunity to become the owner of a profitable business. You will conduct your work using modern technologies of sales and building customer relationships. Keep a benchmark for high quality service. As a result, it’s its own business, which will be profitable. And most importantly, we have already passed all the difficult starts for you!


Who are we?

The PLC Group company has been engaged in the selection, delivery and customs clearance of cars for more than 8 years. We deliver cars to Ukraine from Korea, the USA, the Emirates and Europe. We provide customers with the opportunity to profitably purchase a vehicle, and we formulate our proposals based on target demand. Also, we have presented a turnkey package of services, starting from the selection of cars on world famous sites and ending with registration in Ukraine. Our offices are located in the seven largest administrative centers of Ukraine.

Why choose PLC Group?
  • We have been conducting our core business for many years and are constantly improving ourselves using past experience.
  • Every month we bring more than 250 cars from different countries on order for our customers.
  • As part of the selection, we check the full history of the car, so we are trusted.
  • They know about us, because our advertising activities cover many channels, and therefore they are not afraid to order from us.
  • We are distinguished by strict standards of quality customer service.

What do you get?

As part of our franchise project, we offer the following conditions for those who decide to join:

  • Training staff from scratch, we will be happy to share our experience with you and your potential employees.
  • Checking, delivery and registration of the car for your client.
  • All the necessary software to automate the workflow.
  • Separate telephone line.
  • Professional advertising on the Internet in the area in which the office will be opened.
  • Layouts for outdoor advertising and PLC corporate identity office design
Investments in the PLC Group franchise project can be repaid within one month.

If you are ready to match, work, develop your own business and earn money. Just contact us and get a detailed consultation that will help you get started.