Check a car from the USA by VIN code (Carfax)

VIN code error
The cost of ordering the service of a detailed report on the VIN number in the nationwide American database Carfax is 150uah
Enter the VIN number and check the history of the car: whether it was in an accident or drowned, how many owners it had, how many times it was resold, its real mileage.
Carfax Ukraine

The American nationwide Carfax database (Carfax) collects a complete history for each registered car in the United States and Canada using its VIN number. Information comes from various sources: car dealerships, service stations, insurance companies, law enforcement agencies.

Buying a Carfax report, you protect yourself from acquiring a used car with hidden defects that can entail complex and expensive repairs.

How to read the report? Let’s look at an example.


General Information (Vehicle Report)

The section displays the general characteristics of the car: make, model, Vin code, body type, engine and fuel used, as well as the drive.

In addition, here you can follow the links where the complete equipment of the car is indicated.

Branded Title: Salvage – says that the car after an accident and has technical damage. Note! Auctions assign various certificates to automobiles (Salvage, Clean title, etc.), depending on the type of damage and title documents for the car. Therefore, the Branded Title may have different meanings.

Damage Report – damage report

Previous owners – number of owners

At least 1 open recall – at least one review from the official recall company of the manufacturer.

Types of owners – type of car ownership: personal use, rental, use in a taxi, transportation, etc.

Last report odometer reading – last odometer reading (car mileage).

Information on the number of owners

This block consistently provides information on the owners: year of purchase, type of ownership, time of ownership, state / city where the car was used, approximate mileage for one year, as well as the latest odometer.

This information is useful when checking the VIN-number for fraud with mileage or the number of car owners.

Vehicle condition

This section displays information about the state of the car at the time of ownership by each of the previous owners. Each column shows information for one of the drivers. If the exclamation mark (ALERT!) In the red triangle is displayed in the upper block of the column, it means that the block contains important information about damage or malfunction.

Additional Information

In this block, the state of the vehicle is described in more detail. In the example, you can see that during the operation by the first owner, the car was not damaged. At the time of ownership of the second driver, the car got into an accident and received the status of “Total Loss Reported”, which can be translated as “cannot be restored”. However, this status does not mean critical damage: for example, due to a weak blow, the airbag igniter may be triggered. Under US law, such a car is no longer entitled to use on the roads, even if the problem is easily fixed, and insurance companies write off the car.

Detailed information

The last section displays the most detailed information for each of the former owners: date of purchase of the car, mileage at the time of purchase, data source and other useful information. For example, in this block you can find out - at which station repair or maintenance was carried out, for what reason there was an appeal to the station, comments of specialists about the reason for the appeal. In addition, this section may also contain information from police reports, information from insurance companies, etc.